​The Camping Essential You Didn't Know You Were Missing

​The Camping Essential You Didn't Know You Were Missing

by Eccotemp Europe

If you’re an avid camper, you’ll know that warm running water is hard to come by. Whether it’s queuing up for the communal showers or washing the dishes in cold water – there are some less glamorous sides of camping that you surely want to avoid.

That’s why you need a portable shower heater for camping, and here at Eccotemp, we’ve got a range of propane water heaters that do just the trick.

Keep reading to see why you need a portable propane hot shower and the benefits they have in store for you.


Whether you’re staying in a caravan in Devon or camping in the Peak District, we all know that it’s not going to be easy to get yourself a nice warm shower. Communal showers at campsites/caravan parks often have big queues, and they’re generally not free either.

showering with portable camp showers eccotemp europe

With our portable camp showers, you can create your own little shower tent, giving you and your family the opportunity to get clean and warm after a day of outdoor activities. You’ll be the envy of the campsite, that’s for sure!


Warm water is often a forgotten essential when it comes to campsite cooking. How are you going to wash up those cooking utensils and plates without warm running water?

cooking with a portable propane water heater eccotemp europe

Some campsites offer washing up facilities, but there are always queues and the water goes cold. With a portable propane water heater from Eccotemp you can get all your pots and pans clean in no time at all.

Washing Camping Gear

Camping can be a muddy activity, especially if you’re experiencing typical UK weather! There’s nothing worse than muddy boots/clothes being put back in the tent, so our customers love to use our portable showers for washing clothes and camping gear.

It also means that you can pack light when you go away, as you’ll be able to give your clothes a wash after using them.

Clean Animals/Vehicles

So, you’re camping on the Pembrokeshire coast and your car gets dirty. Or worse, your dog decides to roll in something awful. With our portable camping shower, you can get these stinky problems sorted in no time.

clean animals/vehicles cel5 and cel10 portable tankless water heater eccotemp europe

Our CEL5 and CEL10 portable models can be used to get your car sparkling clean again, saving you a job when you return home. They’re also great for giving your furry friends a warm shower – no one likes a stinky dog when they go camping!

We hope we’ve enlightened you on the camping essential you didn’t know you were missing. Our portable shower heater for camping should make your next family holiday a breeze!