​The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Portable Gas Water Heater

​The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Portable Gas Water Heater

by Eccotemp Europe

Portable gas water heaters are perfect if you love outside activities, offering an easy way to get clean and warm without having to leave the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping in the New Forest or taking a dip in Lake Windemere, a portable water heater is perfect for a nice warm shower after a fun day out in nature.

Keeping reading to delve into our ultimate guide for buying a portable gas water heater!

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What Activities Can a Portable Water Heater Be Used For?

Portable water heaters can be used for all kinds of nature activities, such as camping, hiking, swimming, and hunting. While portable geysers are great for the obvious such as showering, they can also make practical jobs much easier such as cleaning cooking equipment when camping or washing down animals such as horses or dogs.

Here at Eccotemp, our CEL5 and CEL10 models are loved by customers that enjoy spending time outdoors, but they are also purchased by people running food trucks or vehicle cleaning businesses. Warm running water is important for many reasons, and we love that our products help support small businesses too.

Which Size is Best for You?

Our portable propane instantaneous water heaters come in two main sizes:

  • CEL5 can produce 6.0 LPM (liters per minute)
  • CEL10 can produce 10.0LPM(liters per minute)

If you’re looking for a portable water heater for a food truck or washing vehicles, for example, you may want to go for the CEL10. However, if your uses are mainly showering while camping or cleaning your dogs/horses, the CEL5 would suit you nicely.

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What Temperature do Portable Propane Water Heaters Reach?

You can rest assured that our portable geysers will provide a nice warm shower after an outdoor activity, as they can achieve temperatures ranging from 10 – 60 degrees Celsius.

The water and gas flow can be adjusted using the easy-to-use knobs on the face of the water heater to set the perfect temperature, providing you and your family/friends with some home comforts while still enjoying the great outdoors.

Are Portable Geysers Eco-Friendly?

If you are passionate about reducing your carbon footprint, you can relax in the knowledge that our portable water heaters are great for the environment.

You won’t require any electricity as our portable geysers generate heat via a standard propane tank plus you’ll save water as you’ll only be using water that you need!

We hope we’ve helped answer any questions you may have had when it comes to buying a portable gas water heater, and that if you do purchase one you love using it regardless of the activity!