Top 5 Horse Grooming Tools

Top 5 Horse Grooming Tools

by Eccotemp Europe

If you’re a keen horse rider, you’ll know how important it is to keep your horse groomed and cleaned – however, this doesn’t always seem an easy task initially.

There’s no need to fear! Here at  Eccotemp, we’ve put together a useful guide with our top 5 equestrian supplies that you simply need to try. There’s a wide range of horse bathing tools in our guide – even a portable horse washing system on the list!

Keep reading to find out our top 5 horse grooming tools to keep your horse looking beautiful and make your life easier.

top 5 horse grooming tools eccotemp europe

1. Horse Grooming Comb

First things first, you can’t groom a horse without a decent comb. Horsehair can get knotty super quickly, and it’s important to keep those beautiful manes and tails free from dirt. You’ll also find that you’ll see less hair on your clothes and boots if you brush your horse regularly.

We love the original Magic Brush Horse Brush, and you can get them in a set of three here!

2. Eccotemp CEL5 Portable Horse Washing System

One of the best tools you can purchase to make horse grooming easy is a portable horse-washing system. The Eccotemp CEL5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the perfect solution to your horse grooming qualms, as it’s completely portable and provides instant, endless hot water anywhere.

All horse riders know that getting mucky is all part of the fun, but you also need a way to get clean quickly. This  portable hot water heater comes with a shower head and easily connects to a standard propane tank, giving you a quick solution for getting your horse washed and groomed in the stable or on the road.

Plus, it’s powered using 2 “D” cell batteries, which makes it perfect for use in areas where there isn’t an easily available electricity source.

3. Hoof Pick

A hoof pick is another essential for keeping your horse in tip-top condition. Hoof picks are important for removing rocks, nails, or dirt that becomes lodged in your horse's hoofs, and can also be useful in determining if your horse has incurred any damage to their feet.

hoof pick eccotemp europe

There are many hoof picks available on the market – check out this one from Amazon.

4. Rechargeable Clippers

Keeping your horse looking trimmed and beautiful is all part of the grooming process, so you’ll need a good set of clippers on your hands. Rechargeable clippers are becoming ever more popular, as they’re portable and easy to use. We love this one from Cordless Horse!

5. Grooming Toolbox

Lastly, you’ll need somewhere to put all your horse grooming bits and bobs. Some people like to use a padded tote bag, but our recommendation is a grooming toolbox that is easily portable and big enough to hold all your grooming tools.

Check out this one from Decathlon, it has a 2-year warranty and has separate compartments too.