Transitioning to Tiny

Transitioning to Tiny

by Eccotemp Systems

Right now, tiny home living is a trend growing in popularity around the world. The list of benefits of tiny home living is long, but there are things one must consider when contemplating making the leap to downsize. Here are a few pros, and cons, to tiny home living and some things that you may not have considered about making the transition.

Save Some Money

Living in a tiny home is much cheaper in the long run because there is less upkeep in such a small living space. Having a smaller space to maintain, with less room for belongings, leaves less room for things to break or malfunction. It will also help you keep a handle on your shopping habits with much less room to store things! When deciding which items to keep, and which to leave behind as you make this new transition in your life, you can also have a yard sale to help raise money for your new adventure, all while only keeping essential items!

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Taking the leap to live in a tiny home is not only a great decision for your personal life, but it also has many great side effects on the environment. Life in a tiny home reduces your carbon footprint in more ways than one. With less space to heat, or cool, you are saving money on your electricity. You also have less space that needs light, making it easy to cut back on lightbulbs or power needed to light your space.

Know Your Inventory

As you embark on this downsizing journey to tiny home life, you will undoubtedly have to eliminate a lot of the clutter in your life. This may seem like a daunting task but one that must be done. A good placed to start when packing/ decluttering is making a list of your inventory. Seeing all of your belongings in one place can help you delete multiples, cut back on luxury items, and organize everything into appropriate categories. Having a list of everything you own can also help you save money on unnecessary items you thought you may have needed for your transition. Repurposing items that you already have saves money and also space if this is a multipurpose item.

Transitioning to Tiny


Downsizing into a tiny home means making multiple sacrifices. Space, common luxuries, and lifestyle changes are just a few of the adjustments you will have to make during this transition. The obvious sacrifice is giving up the space that you would have in a normal living area. In a tiny home, you only have room to keep the necessities, which means cutting out some of the luxuries you may be used to. Living in a tiny house means you may have to sacrifice indoor toiletries to have room for a small kitchen or microwave, or no indoor clothes dryer to make room for a bed.

Downsize Appliances

Luckily, modern technology and innovation have made tiny home living much easier with tricks and new accessories crafted with tiny home inhabitants in mind. For example, if you have to cut out any indoor bathing options to make room for another necessity, Eccotemp has created a Portable Tankless Water Heater and Eccoflo 12V Pump and Strainer small enough to accommodate tiny home living without making sacrifices on hot water. This combination provides hot water wherever you need it without taking up too much of your space!

Downsize Appliances

Having items that serve more than one purpose are a tiny homeowners dream. Items that are versatile help save space by cutting back on single-use items. For example, instead of having multiple kitchen utensils for cutting, chopping, blending, try investing in a multipurpose tool that can do all of those things (they do exist!)

Making the switch to a tiny home is a major lifestyle change but one that is very worthwhile. By doing your research and investing in the right tools to make the adjustment to your new lifestyle easier, the transition to tiny home life may be easier than you think.

*For help choosing the correct portable tankless water heater for your tiny home adventures don’t hesitate to reach out to the Eccotemp Customer Support Team!