Unveiling the Best Camping Shower for Your Outdoor Adventures

Unveiling the Best Camping Shower for Your Outdoor Adventures

by Eccotemp Europe

Embarking on a camping adventure means immersing yourself in the great outdoors, but that doesn't mean sacrificing the comforts of home. One crucial aspect of maintaining a sense of normality during your outdoor escapades is ensuring you have the perfect camping shower.

In this blog, we'll explore the world of portable showers and dive into the details of the highly acclaimed by most outdoor enthusiasts, Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heaters. Get ready to refresh your adventure and elevate your camping experience!

The Essence of a Camping Shower

Camping showers are often seen as a luxury item, but for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, they are an essential component of the camping experience. The essence of a camping shower lies not only in its ability to provide a refreshing cleanse amidst the wilderness but also in its capacity to enhance the overall camping experience. In a world where technology and modern conveniences dominate our daily lives, the simplicity of a camp shower reconnects us with nature and reminds us of the beauty of the great outdoors.

Beyond its obvious cleansing capabilities, a camping shower fosters a sense of well-being and rejuvenation. Whether it is after an invigorating hike, a day of kayaking, or simply lounging by the campfire, the prospect of a hot shower transforms the camping trip into a holistic retreat. The convenience of a compact, easy-to-assemble shower system ensures that even in the heart of the wilderness, individuals can maintain personal hygiene standards, enhancing the overall camping experience. The essence of a camping shower, therefore, extends beyond its utilitarian function, becoming a symbol of self-care and a bridge between the untamed outdoors and the comforts of home.

Understanding the Need

Understanding the need for a camping shower is essential for anyone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. While some may view it as a non-essential luxury, a camping shower serves several crucial purposes that enhance the overall camping experience. Firstly, hygiene is paramount when spending extended periods away from civilization. A camping shower provides campers with the means to stay clean and refreshed, reducing the risk of skin irritation, infections, and other health issues associated with outdoor activities. Additionally, maintaining personal hygiene boosts morale and allows campers to feel more comfortable and confident during their outdoor adventures.

Secondly, a camping shower promotes environmental responsibility by minimizing the impact on natural surroundings. By understanding the need for a camping shower, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their wilderness adventures responsibly, ensuring that they leave minimal traces of their presence while still enjoying the comforts of modern hygiene.

The Rise of Portable Showers for Camping

Over the years, the outdoor industry has seen a surge in innovation, particularly in portable showers. From basic designs to high-tech, compact solutions, camp showers have evolved to meet the diverse needs of adventurers.

The rise of portable camping showers reflects a growing trend towards convenience and comfort in outdoor recreation. These compact and lightweight shower solutions have gained popularity among campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a convenient way to maintain personal hygiene while on the go. With its advanced technology, portable camping showers offer various features, such as adjustable water flow, temperature control, and easy setup, making them an attractive option for adventurers of all levels.

Furthermore, the rise of portable camping showers has contributed to a more sustainable approach to outdoor living. By utilizing water-efficient designs, these showers minimize environmental impact while providing campers with the comfort they desire. As outdoor recreation continues to evolve, the popularity of portable camping showers is expected to grow, providing adventurers with an accessible and eco-friendly solution for staying clean and refreshed while exploring the great outdoors.

Unveiling Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heaters: As the Top Outdoor Showers

Eccotemp has become synonymous with quality and efficiency in the portable shower market. Its tankless water heaters offer on-demand hot water, making them a top choice for campers seeking a reliable and convenient solution.

Renowned for innovation and efficiency, Eccotemp has emerged as a top leader in the world of outdoor shower solutions. With a commitment to providing unparalleled performance, these portable tankless water heaters offer a seamless and on-demand shower experience, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Eccotemp's cutting-edge technology not only ensures a constant supply of hot water but also emphasizes portability, making them an ideal choice for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. Unveiling Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters reveals a new standard in outdoor showering, where convenience, reliability, and innovation converge for an exceptional bathing experience in the great outdoors.

Key Features of Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heaters

  • Portability: Embody convenience with their compact and lightweight design, ensuring effortless transportation for outdoor activities. Crafted for mobility, these heaters are easy to carry and set up, making them the ideal solution for on-the-go adventures, camping trips, and any situation where portable hot water is a necessity. The compact and lightweight features of Eccotemp's design redefine convenience for those seeking a portable and reliable source of hot water in the great outdoors.
  • On-Demand Hot Water: Experience instant comfort with Eccotemp's on-demand hot water systems, ensuring a delightful shower experience. With cutting-edge technology, these portable tankless water heaters deliver hot water promptly, eliminating the wait time and allowing users to indulge in a comfortable and satisfying camping shower whenever and wherever it's needed.
  • Versatility: Redefine versatility, seamlessly adapting to a spectrum of outdoor activities. From camping in the wilderness to hiking through scenic landscapes or enjoying a day at the beach, these portable camping showers offer a versatile solution for all outdoor enthusiasts. Their adaptability ensures a convenient and reliable source of hot water, enhancing the experience of diverse outdoor adventures.


Choosing the Right Eccotemp Portable Camping Shower

Factors to Consider

  • Water Capacity & Flow Rate: The water capacity and flow rate are critical considerations when choosing a portable tankless water heater. The water capacity determines how much hot water the heater can produce, making it crucial for meeting the demands of various applications. For camping or off-grid living, where resources are limited, selecting the best portable tankless water heater with an appropriate water capacity ensures an adequate supply for showers, dishwashing, or other essential needs.


Flow Rate (LPM)



6.0 LPM

Cabins, Recreational, Equestrian, Window Cleaning, Off-Grid


11.5 LPM

Equally important is the flow rate, which indicates how quickly the water is delivered. A higher flow rate is advantageous for tasks requiring a significant amount of hot water, such as filling a bathtub or running multiple appliances simultaneously. Understanding and matching the water capacity and flow rate to your specific requirements ensures that your portable tankless water heater delivers the performance needed for a seamless and satisfying experience, whether in outdoor adventures or off-grid living scenarios.

When choosing a camping shower, it's crucial to evaluate the water capacity and the flow rate by considering the size of the water tank. This assessment ensures that the chosen portable shower can meet your specific camping needs, providing an ample supply of water for a refreshing and comfortable outdoor shower experience.

  • Heating Technology: Eccotemp's portable tankless water heaters feature advanced heating technology, ensuring efficient performance for your camping needs. By eliminating the need for a water tank, these systems provide on-demand hot water, optimizing energy usage and offering a reliable solution for a quick and comfortable outdoor shower experience.
  • Power Sources: Consider your camping preferences when choosing a portable camping shower, especially regarding power sources. Eccotemp offers versatile options like propane and battery-powered portable tankless water heaters, allowing you to align the shower's power source with your specific camping needs. This flexibility ensures a reliable and convenient shower experience during your outdoor adventures.
  • Ease of Use: Prioritize user-friendly models when selecting a camping shower, focusing on simplicity in the setup process. Eccotemp offers options designed for ease of use, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free experience when setting up and enjoying your portable camping shower during outdoor adventures.

Selecting the Correct MBAR for Your Country

When selecting a portable tankless water heater in Europe, understanding the correct MBAR setting is crucial for optimal performance. The CEL5 and CEL10 models offer three different MBAR options, necessitating clarity on which one suits your needs.

What is MBAR, and Why Does It Matter?

MBAR, short for Millibar Pressure Unit, quantifies low-range gas pressure and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality of gas-powered appliances. In essence, one millibar equals one-thousandth of a bar, corresponding to the pressure exerted by one Newton per square meter. This metric is also widely utilized in meteorology to gauge atmospheric pressure.


Source: https://sens4.com/vacuumunits.html

Ensuring the correct MBAR setting is particularly significant for warranty compliance. The warranty coverage for the CEL5 and CEL10 models is applicable within the European Union, contingent upon purchasing the portable water heater with the appropriate gas-specific MBAR aligned with your region. Therefore, whether you're embarking on a camping trip, tending to animals, or living off-grid, selecting the correct MBAR setting for your portable tankless water heater is essential to guaranteeing its longevity and adherence to warranty conditions. Familiarizing yourself with MBAR conversions and consulting product specifications will facilitate an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements and geographical location.


Application & Uses

Portable tankless water heaters serve various applications, including camping, off-grid living, and on-the-go business use. These compact water heaters provide hot water on demand, making them essential for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a comfortable camping experience. Additionally, for off-grid living, they offer a reliable source of hot water where traditional infrastructure is unavailable, enhancing self-sufficiency. Furthermore, businesses operating on-the-go, such as food trucks or mobile catering services, benefit from portable tankless water heaters for providing hot water for cooking, cleaning, and sanitation needs.

The versatility of portable tankless water heaters extends to their adaptability to different fuel sources, including propane and battery power. This feature makes them suitable for various settings where access to electricity may be limited. Whether used in camping sites, remote cabins, or mobile businesses, portable tankless water heaters offer convenience, efficiency, and reliability, making them indispensable tools for individuals and businesses alike.

Outdoor Shower Kits for Enhanced Comfort

Explore the convenience of outdoor shower kits that complement your portable camping shower. These kits often include accessories like water pumps, descaler kits, and showerheads, enhancing your overall camping experience.

  • Eccoflo Pumps & Strainer: A versatile compact water pump, that provides pressurized water for diverse applications. Ideal for extracting water from creeks or transferring liquids, and it is and compatible with all portable tankless water heaters, making it perfect for RVs, marine use, agriculture, and more. With a self-priming feature, it runs dry safely, turns on/off with water tap nozzle activation, and operates on 12V power, making it suitable for various locations. The pump includes all necessary installation components for convenience.
  • Shower Set: The Eccotemp Shower Head with Stainless Steel Hose offers a versatile solution for outdoor showering needs. Designed specifically for use with the CE-L5 and CE-L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters, this white shower head boasts an On/Off switch for convenient water control. Its 6-foot stainless steel hose ensures durability and flexibility, allowing users to enjoy reliable performance in various outdoor settings. With the included mounting pack, installation becomes a breeze, making this shower head an essential accessory for enhancing your outdoor shower experience.

FAQs about Camping Showers

Question: How do you shower when you go camping?
Answer: Camping showers can be enjoyed by utilizing portable solutions like the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater. This compact portable tankless water heater efficiently heats water on demand, offering a convenient and instant hot water source for your outdoor shower. Simply connect the unit to a water source, such as a portable container or a lake, and a power supply, propane & battery, to experience a refreshing shower while camping.

Question: Are portable showers worth it?
Answer: Absolutely! Portable showers, especially those powered by advanced technologies like the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, are invaluable for camping. These showers offer on-demand hot water, enhancing your outdoor experience. Compact, efficient, and versatile, they ensure a refreshing shower anywhere. Eccotemp's portable showers are a worthy investment, providing convenience and comfort during your camping adventures.

How much does a portable camping shower cost?
Answer: The cost of a portable camping shower varies based on factors like brand, features, and technology. Specifically, the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, a reliable choice, falls within the range of €180 to €300. While initial costs may vary, the convenience and comfort it brings to your camping experience make it a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Question: How does a camping shower work?
Answer: A camping shower, like the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, operates by heating water on demand. Connected to a water source and a power supply (propane & battery), it heats the water instantly, offering an on-the-go hot shower solution. This compact and efficient design makes camping showers a convenient and essential tool for maintaining personal hygiene or anything that needs water during outdoor adventures.

Question: What is the best portable hot water shower for camping?
Answer: The Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater stands out as an excellent choice for camping showers. Renowned for its compact design, on-demand hot water, and compatibility, it ensures a comfortable outdoor shower experience. With features like portability, versatility, and reliability, Eccotemp's portable water heater is widely regarded as one of the best options for camping enthusiasts.

Question: What do you need for a camping shower?
Answer: For a camping shower, you'll need a portable shower system like the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, a water source such as a collapsible container or nearby lake, a power supply , and optional accessories like a shower tent or privacy enclosure for added comfort and convenience.

Question: How long does a camping shower last?
Answer: The duration of a camping shower varies based on factors like water capacity, flow rate, and power source. With the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, for example, you can enjoy continuous hot water for several minutes to an hour, depending on the model and settings.

Question: What are the advantages of having a portable camping shower?
Answer: Portable camping showers, like the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater, offer several advantages. They provide on-demand hot water, enhancing hygiene and comfort during outdoor adventures. Compact and versatile, they're suitable for various locations. Plus, they promote eco-friendliness by conserving water compared to traditional camping shower setups.


Choosing the perfect camping shower involves considering your needs, preferences, and the reliability of the equipment. Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters not only meet these criteria but also elevate your camping experience by providing a convenient and efficient solution for outdoor showers. Refresh your adventure with the luxury of hot water wherever your camping journey takes you.

As you venture on your upcoming camping expedition, keep in mind that a well-chosen camping shower can transform a good adventure into an unforgettable one. Make a wise choice, set up your Eccotemp portable tankless water heater, and relish the delight of a revitalizing outdoor shower amidst the splendor of nature.