How To Make Camping  More Sustainable

How To Make Camping More Sustainable

by Eccotemp Systems

As technology continues to advance, it’s even more vital to spend time outdoors, since the more we’re able to do on our gadgets, the more time we spend on them. Here at Eccotemp, one goal we have is to help others make the most of outdoor adventures.

Nature has always been a place for humankind to find peace, healing and essential resources to live. Being out in nature has shown to have positive effects on physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being. With that said, as more and more people travel to outdoor destinations, the potential for environmentally harmful activities grows- but not all hope is lost. There are ways we all can better protect the Earth while exploring it. We know the basics- ditch the plastic and no littering. Take a look at more ways you can camp more sustainably.

Explore By Bike

If the weather permits, try traveling by bike when you’re looking for new spots to discover during your trip. Not only will you lessen gas emissions, but you’ll take in the fresh air and get up close and personal with scenery versus driving a car. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding parking. (More time for fun!) Reaching certain areas may also be easier without a car. Just be sure not to venture off into restricted areas. Of course, we can’t forget how great of a workout bicycling is, so bring plenty of water and snacks. For longer rides, consider bringing a water filter in case there are natural water sources along your route.

Shower Under the Stars

What’s better than an incredible work out? If you guessed the relaxing shower afterwards, you’re winning in life. Take it to the next level by showering under the sunset or stars. It’s great to feel the dirt between your toes but then, how nice is it to wash it off? There’s no need for electricity with our Portable Tankless Water Heaters, as they ignite with batteries and are powered by a standard propane tank. Another great thing about portable water heaters is, they provide hot water and can be used in warm and cooler weather, so no excuses!

Shower, wash dishes and wash off muddy pets with the lightweight and space-saving CEL5 Portable Tankless Water Heater. To optimize water pressure off grid, use the EccoFlo Pump & Strainer, which is included with all portable water heater bundles. It’s safe to say, all of that makes a happy camper!

Properly Dispose of Greywater

We can’t talk about showering and cleaning outdoors without considering their environmental impact. Greywater is wastewater from your shower and sink. Unless you are glamping or staying on a campground with showers, there’s a good chance you won’t have a way to drain the water you clean with. To prevent polluting streams and harm to wildlife, the Environmental Protection Agency and many other agencies recommend disposing of greywater at least 200 feet away from any water source. It’s important to check with the campground or park to see its policies, as some have designated disposal areas. You can also use wash bins, jugs, small tubs, and other containers to collect the water. Using biodegradable and plant-based soaps are also a better option than soaps overloaded with harmful chemicals.

Shop Local Food & Supplies

Planning ahead is a must for your camping trip and it’s best to use what you already have. We all know what happens once we hit the road though-oops something was left behind. Or maybe you need supplies you didn’t think you would. This is an opportunity to support small businesses and the local economy. Some of them may even have rental gear available so you don’t have to keep items you don’t use regularly.

As for meals, locally grown foods are fresher and better for your health and the environment since smaller farms generally use more sustainable methods than mass production agriculture. If you’re not camping in your hometown or nearby, (which is super eco-friendly to do) then fruits and veggies will probably fare better when they don’t have to travel a long distance.

Say Goodbye to Electronics

This might just help your mental well-being as well. You may need to bring some of them with you, but do you really need to finish that Netflix series while the birds chirp and butterflies dance around you? Try binge watching the miracle of nature. If you must watch something, at least gather everyone and enjoy the show outside together.

Camping is not only fun but it’s a learning experience. You might uncover some things about the animals, trees, the overall planet, and yourself that you didn’t know before. You could even learn how to be more self-sufficient. Who knows what the future holds, right?

Now you’re ready to run freely into the wilderness. We all love a good picnic, and you can’t go wrong with a relaxing swim. Meditate, nap in a hammock, stargaze, have an outdoor game night with smores- there’s so much to indulge in. In the midst of the adventure, remember to stay aware of your surroundings so that you get back home safely. Of course, if you choose to stay in the wild instead, that’s really inspiring too. All in all, when you treat Earth well, it will treat you well too. Happy trails!