​Reasons Why You Should Use a Portable Water Heater

​Reasons Why You Should Use a Portable Water Heater

by Eccotemp Europe

If you enjoy going off-grid, camping, or spending time by the pool/lake, you’ll know the difficulties that come with finding a convenient hot shower.An Eccotemp portable hot water heater is just what you need, allowing you and your family to enjoy the luxury of home comforts without having to leave the peace of nature.

Our CEL5 and CEL10 portable hot water systems are powered using 2 “D” cell batteries and a propane tank, making them perfect for taking to places that don’t have electricity readily available.

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So what other reasons are there to use a portable water heater? Continue reading to find out.

Easily Portable

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, portable hot water systems are very easily transportable, making them perfect for camping tripsor outdoor recreation. You won’t need to worry about hunting down any shower facilities, as portable water heaters give you the option of having a quick, hot shower wherever you find yourself out enjoying nature!

Instant, Reliable Hot Water

Another reason to use a portable hot water shower is that they provide instant hot water that is also reliable. We’ve all experienced those terrible shower blocks at campsites that only offer a cold, low-pressure shower at best. With a portable hot water shower, you can relax knowing that you’ve got instant, reliable hot water at your disposal.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re trying to live a more environmentally friendly life, a portable water heater is a great choice for you. You won’t be using any electricity when having a shower as our portable water heaters ignite with batteries and generate warm water using a standard propane tank. With a portable instantaneous water boiler, you use only the amount of water you need, rather than wasting lots of hot water.

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Uses for a Portable Water Heater

You may be wondering what other uses there are for a portable water heater, and the list truly is endless. Some of the main uses are for camping, going off-grid, and outdoor recreational activities, but many of our customers use their portable water systems for washing animals such as horses or dogs and going on holiday in camper vans or wooden cabins.

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We even have customers that run food truck businesses and use our portable water heaters to ensure they have regular running water outdoors.

The list really is endless for how you could use an outdoor portable water heater, we’d love to hear how you’re thinking of using yours!